It is funny that in this digital era we continue to witness the expanding interest into the photobook as a medium. In China, we see a booming business of art book fairs for the last five years that include many photobook publishers and sellers. It’s probably more accessible than ever before to print a book and (self) publish. Obviously, not all these new publications breathe the air of brilliancy, it’s only honest to point out there is a river of mediocre work out there. But I learned that this is not necessarily a bad thing. Printing books, attending book-fairs, visiting museums and photo-festivals are the ultimate way for photographers to exchange ideas, improve their skills, interact with an audience and learn from each other. In the growing ocean of photobooks it’s harder to find the precious pearls but there are still plenty of them out there.

The Photobook Jury was happily surprised with the high quality of entries this year. We are very proud of the shortlisted photobooks and are looking forward to presenting the Photobook Award. A big thanks to all photographers and publishers who’ve sent in their latest published and unpublished photobooks! —Ruben Lundgren

Out of 136 submissions, 30 photobooks are selected for this edition.

8th SIPF Open Call Photobook submissions are reviewed and selected by the Photobook Jury.
Ang Song Nian (Founder of THEBOOKSHOW), Renée Ting (Director of Singapore Art Book Fair), Ruben Lundgren (Artist and Curator), Jeong Eun Kim (Founder and Director of The Reference Seoul), Yumi Goto (Co-founder and Curator of Reminders Photography Stronghold Tokyo), Daniel Boetker-Smith (Founder and Director of Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive, Educator).

Best Published Book

Hayal & Hakitat: A Handbook of Forgiveness & A Handbook of Punishment by Cemre Yeşil Gönenli

Best Dummy Book

Hijack Geni by Kenji Chiga