We invite you to join us for our second edition of OPEN DECK, an afternoon of art, photography and food right in DECK’s own courtyard! To mark the closing of the 2016 Singapore International Photography Festival, we are having a party at DECK!

Riding on the success of the first edition of OPEN DECK in May 2016, we bring to you a rare hunting ground for affordable arts & crafts, exquisite food and exciting workshops. We promise a day of fun, bringing together all things lovingly made.

In the first edition of OPEN DECK, we presented a myriad of artists, designers and artisans, sharing their passion for art and taste for delicacies produced locally, including Typesettingsg, Magpie Magazines, Pindemic, Ikan Tangkap Sendiri, Merely Ice Cream and Uncle G’s Handmade, just to name a few.

In the upcoming edition of OPEN DECK, we are looking to get bigger and better!

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