A photo book project documenting the last few weeks leading up to the surprise closing of Restaurant André on 14 February 2018, a popular and internationally well-known 2 Michelin Star restaurant in Singapore.

In collaboration with a film documentary team leading the project, Eric WK Ng pitched the idea of expanding the scope to include photo documentary with the eventual aim of publishing a physical book in addition to the feature-length film.
With exclusive insights and access to Chef André and his inner circle, the film and photo book aims to not only uncover the reason behind the closing but to also allow people a peek into the world of fine dining and the sacrifices made in pursuit of perfection.
While the film is still a work in progress, the book has been independently published in a limited run to serve as early marketing material as well as gifting to various individuals.

After initial positive reactions to the story, the team has since further expanded the scope of the coverage, extending the shoot to Taiwan to carry on the story of Chef André on life after the closing and his plans moving forward. The book will likewise be updated with new imagery, as an expanded volume. 

End, is the starting point of our departure
Eric WK Ng


Eric WK Ng
Regina Lee

Practice Theory

112 pages
20.5 x 28 cm

Edition of 15