Keep the Cages Open Before You Leave is inspired by Oe Kenzaburo’s novels, The Silent Cry and The Flood Invades My Spirit.

Zoo animals escaped from their confinement and went out to the streets.
Animals are the masters of a new world order and nature reclaims its rights on the planet which has been long ago appropriated by human beings.
This is not fiction, but rather a warning.
It’s both a warning and a guide for those who are ready for an enthusiastic, passionate, and—unfortunately—often futile debate about politics, economy, environment, and demography. Ironically, instead of talking small we can slightly open every enclosure in zoos across the world. And after that—get back to the debates and idle talks waiting for a disaster to happen.

All images are created using film and multiple exposure technique with subsequent scanning of negatives.

Keep the Cages Open Before You Leave
Dmitry Khovanskiy


104 pages
29.7 x 39.6 cm

Version 1: Edition of 7
Version 2: Edition of 15
Edition in Russian, English, and Japanese