What’s the meaning of marriage? This question we asked ourselves when for 8 years of marriage, we did not become parents, and the doctors diagnosed me with “Infertility of the 2nd degree”. But it’s not the end, it’s time of the beginning.

The project “One flesh” is a story about Love. The diagnosis that doctors gave me was the starting point in the search for the meaning of marriage. Awareness of the true meaning of love. To start living in other as in oneself. To feel the New Testament verse “and the two will become one flesh” with your own skin. After all, the family is not a reproductive function. This is primarily the Two.

In a sense, this work can be called therapeutic, as it helped us survive the difficult moment of life – the struggle against infertility and the ultimate acceptance of defeat in it. Having lost what seemed to us the most important thing, the opportunity to become parents, we found the real most important thing – ourselves and the integrity of our marriage. 

One flesh
Olga Boltneva


48 pages
18 x 13.5 1 cm

Edition of 50