The wind, as familiar as it is, is a divine force impossible to go against. The book ‘our breaths are short, this breeze untameable’ is an attempt to understand the wind: that which embodies a signifier of change – be it a small breath, a blur of a happening, or a large hurricane.

Beyond the wind’s physical effects, it is also used metaphorically as a force that can cause an internal change, such as the making of a decision, or the change of a state of mind.

Consisting of images of transitory moments interjected with hints of fleeting thoughts, this book is a diaristic documentation of the artist’s relationship with the wind, aiming to bring about a play between certainty and confusion, very much like the ambiguity of the wind.

our breaths are short, this breeze untameable
Genevieve Leong


70 pages
14.8 x 21 cm

Edition of 100