Seasonal Abandonment of Imaginary Worlds is a photographic collection of aging Japanese playgrounds, captured by photographer Carine Thévenau, in rural Japan.

The playscapes are either abandoned or empty due to seasonal snowfall, but the absence of life creates a space, ripe for the imagination. Although the playgrounds may arouse a nostalgic sensation, a more critical analysis reveals a portrait of place and offers us a glimpse of spacetime paused, yet actively in motion.

The series explores urban spatial narratives and “Ma”, the Japanese word (and concept) for absence through space and time. There is no translation in English for the word “Ma”, however it refers to the space between or negative space between physical matter, where life and emotion can exist.

Thévenau interprets the emptiness or “ma”, within the playgrounds, as a silence or tension, akin to the pause in a music score or the interval of a theatrical play; what came before, what is there now and what comes afterwards?

The abandoned playgrounds, as they appear here, are the residue of an aging Japanese population, yet hint towards the rising Satori (Enlightened) Generation, who value vintage over shiny new designer goods and a slower pace of life.

Seasonal Abandonment Of Imaginary Worlds
Carine Thévanau

Éditions Publishing

48 pages
14 x 21 cm

First Edition of 500
Special Edition of 25 with an origami print