North Korea, officially the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, is a zone of limited photography.

George Wong complied mobile phone screen captures while researching on traveling to North Korea. His research extended to platforms such as Instagram, where he stumbled upon an account of pictures taken by foreigners living in North Korea.

During his trip to North Korea, George shot images in a contemporary photographic style to validate his presence there. He also collected unique postcards about the country when he was there.

George attempts to reveal the facts about this space using four different approaches of the photo language whilst challenging the authenticity of each method. The four different approaches are presented in four distinct layouts replicating the viewing experience of the images which are placed in a unique folder.

In the current landscape of widespread fake news, George tries to present the veracity of photography.

Ways into North Korea
George Wong Yung Choon


Phornsia Yu

49 pages
11 x 23 cm