I remember the first time I met Toivo. He was walking frantically, taking big strides, his neck perched out and his hair in a huge mess. I knew I had to photograph this man. I approached him and he responded by shoving his hand into my face, signalling his disinterest in having a conversation with me. I stalked him to a nearby shopping mall and when he was done shopping, I went up to him again. We managed to have a conversation and he was flattered by my interest in photographing him. It was my privilege to be able to document his life, however unexpectedly to its end. This series is dedicated to my friend, Toivo Laukkanen whom I have learnt much from.

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About the Artist
Tristan is a visual Artist who works primarily with photography. He is interested in human cognition theories and emotional aesthetics. His methodology centres on creating a cinematic spectacle with staged photography as a catharsis for his insecurities and doubts. Tristan was the recipient of four Asia Photo Awards, and a Paris Grande de Le Prix. He has exhibited in a number of juried shows across Asia, in the United States, in Helsinki, Finland and most recently at the Shanghai World Expo in China. He has also shown his works at Chobi Mela International Photography Festival in Dhaka, Bangladesh and Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF satellite exhibition). Tristan has been awarded the Professional Development Grant and Arts Bursary Award from the National Arts Council of Singapore. His works are in the collections of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.