Polder VIII Tuindorp Oostzaan is a special neighbourhood in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It was built 100 years ago on the basis of ideals that are still relevant today: affordable housing for low incomes, a green and intimate neighbourhood with streets and squares where people can meet each other and strengthen their sense of belonging. But Amsterdam is changing rapidly.

Tuindorp Oostzaan was a real working-class neighbourhood in the shadow of the big shipyards. Now the heavy industry has disappeared and the houses are popular with young city dwellers. Since 1990 I have worked in different periods on my photographic project about Tuindorp Oostzaan.

The total of material gives an impression of the social cohesion of the community and its relation to public space. The choice of this subject was no coincidence; my own history is closely linked to the neighbourhood. My great-grandfather worked as a carpenter on the construction site. My grandmother and mother grew up there and I myself was born in Tuindorp.

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