Workshop by Erik Vroons, Editor-at-large, GUP magazine
Who am I as an artist and what is my work about, exactly? These are fundamental questions in order to arrive at a successful career in photography – regardless of the genre or field of work.

The aim of this workshop is to develop and shape your ‘signature’ as a photographer by awareness of conceptual thinking; how to reflect on and to communicate a work in progress both visually and in written word; building and layering a story by editing.

Within the workshop we will work with students that arrive with self-initiated works in progress, in order to:

  • Shape the concept of a project in development;
  • Practice presentation of this concept, both written and verbally;
  • Apply practical information (i.e. how to improve a website);
  • Create awareness of platforms, exposure and related media characteristics (do you present your work as a book, an exhibition, on a website, as multi-media, etc?) train the skill of production and editing of a series towards a (digital) portfolio presentation.

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Limited to 12 participants

How to Register

  1. Go to DECK’s Shop to make payment for the workshop.
  2. Participants will be contacted via email.

About Erik Vroons
Erik Vroons (1976, The Netherlands) holds an MA in Media Studies (University of Amsterdam) and an MA in Photographic Studies (University Leiden). From 2010-2014, he was the Chief Editor of international photography magazine GUP – based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Currently he functions as Editor-at-large and freelance editor/writers/curator.