Anna-Sophie Springer is an independent exhibition maker, author, editor, and publisher. Since 2011, she has directed the publishing atelier K. Verlag in Berlin, advancing new forms of the book-as-exhibition. Together with Etienne Turpin, she initiated Reassembling the Natural, an exhibition-led research platform on the role of natural history in these times of climate crisis, social injustice, and ecological disruption.

Anna-Sophie is currently a PhD candidate at the Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths, University of London and has published, presented, and taught internationally, including via a former guest lecturer position at Institut Kunst in Basel. In 2020, her work with K. Verlag was honored with a prestigious Deutscher Verlagspreis [German Publishing Prize] by the Federal Ministry of Culture. 

About K. Verlag

K. Verlag is a Berlin-based publishing atelier advancing new forms of the book-as-exhibition. Founded in 2011, we collaborate internationally with artists, authors, and institutions to develop publications whose conceptual rigor and experimental design open radical aesthetic and discursive spaces. Our synthetic editorial-design process insists on the mutuality of content and form, allowing us to concurrently rethink and reshape contemporary political, ecological, and theoretical ambitions and expectations.