Mirjam Kooiman is an art historian and curator at Foam Photography Museum Amsterdam, where she is responsible for numerous exhibitions ranging from emerging artists to historical icons in photography.

In 2017 she initiated a series of collaborations with photography platforms in Mexico, Nigeria and Indonesia in Foam’s project space Foam 3h, in order to create an exchange of cultural knowledge on photography discourses worldwide. She is currently researching how photography relates to virtual realities, artificial intelligence, gaming and online experiences. Mirjam holds a BA in Art History and a MA in Curating Arts and Culture from the University of Amsterdam. She previously served as a curator-in-training at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

Mirjam is also co-founder of ‘De Kunstmeisjes’, an Amsterdam-based collective of art historians. With their blog and book (Meulenhoff, August 2019), De Kunstmeisjes aim to open up the art world from a non-elitist perspective by breaking with the art jargon in writing about art and exhibitions. She regularly participates in juries for festivals and awards among which the Hariban Award, Meitar Award for Excellence in Photography, Firecracker Photographic Grant, Getxophoto, PARALLEL Photo Platform and Organ Vida, amongst others. Mirjam has written for artist books and publications such as L’Internationale, Something We Africans Got, Migrant Journal, and she is a regular contributor to Foam Magazine.