Nowadays the surgery is very common in Thailand social. The popularity of surgery is continue growing up illimitable but for the reality to change yourself follow the society for making everyone accept in your look, your body because today’s society highly competitive society event it’s a big or small social.

Now everything is a competition for human being.

In the past, the popularity of cosmetic surgery among working people but nowadays the surgery became more and more popular among university students because of the surgery can suddenly change them without waiting to use the medicine.

People in the present think that the surgery can make them accept from the society and make more opportunities for them to get a job or some works that make them get more salary and more famously in social more than the other people. However, the beauty created by the surgery. It must be prepared before the term had been operating until the convalescence after the surgery. They must become more self-care at least a week before coming out into society. They must endured the pain, unbearable pain alone inside the dorm with the most confidential in order to be accepted the beautiful from the society without condemn that they had a cosmetic surgery.

The reason of the university students for making the surgery is they that want to be accepted from the social. We can compare the Thai teenagers life look like the butterfly because before the butterfly will be beautiful , they came from the chrysalis that look very ugly before became the beauty of the most beautiful insect in the world.

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About the Artist
Phisut Nuthong (b. 1993, Thailand) studied high school at his hometown, Phuket, before pursuing photography in Photographic Art at Chiang Mai University.

A graduate with a BA in Fine Arts in 2016, Nuthong also received the Best Thesis Award in Photography that year. Following after, he was also invited to showcase his photographs in an exhibition in Honor of His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen.

He is currently a commercial and fine art photographer based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.