The New Forest marks the beginning of The Institute of Critical Zoologists (ICZ) and SIPF’s 5 years collaboration. At the end of 5 years, the works of participants will culminate into an exhibition or a book.

The projects will be in (but not limited to) lens-based media. The New Forest will have a dedicated page on the SIPF website. This page will hold an archive of all proceedings and works from this masterclass.

Hidden Fruit (Ian Lam)

Pre-harvest fruit bagging has been used extensively to improve skin colour and reduce the incidence of disease, insect pests, sunburn of the skin and bird damage (Sharma et al., 2014).

In Singapore, it is a practice commonly applied to roadside fruit trees that rest, arguably, on public land.

Plans to expand the project

These fruit trees are often intertwined in the social fabric of a community, whether as shared produce or the subject of dispute – I hope to also capture these stories.

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