The artist places her eyes carefully on the revolts without excluding a single cause; her objective is to embrace the universality of every moment. How can she awaken words or soothe sores with her tenderness and the delicate power of
her photographs? On the edge of disaster, she demonstrates that our fundamental rights are still
in danger, whether in France or other parts of the world. Each story provokes us to take responsibility for our denial of indifference. Reality is absurd and complex but she demonstrates with delicacy the full energy of youth. Just watching them makes us feel strongly for the democratic disorders of the world; we feel rage and salt in our eyes. And something trembles within us, a responsibility; our whole life requires a response. We dream a dream away from violence, a resistance to political silence, and a freedom in this world, freedom to testify together with her even in the face of uncertainties.

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About the Artist
Flore-Aël Surun (France, b.1975) is a French photographer who takes pictures of ‘survivors’ who touch the heart. She has held solo exhibitions including “Du désir dans les Ailes” in Villejuif, at Palais des Congrès, “Demonstrations” at Baudoin Lebon Gallery, Paris, “Nous sommes faits de nature” and “Corps à Corps” at Tendance Floue Gallery, Montreuil, France. She has also participated in numerous group exhibitions such as “Génération De L’Air” at the European House
of Photography, Paris, “20 years of Tendance Floue” at Rencontres d’Arles and FTM-MTF at Musée Carnavalet, Paris. Her works have been shown in publications including “Photopoche Tendance Floue, douze pour un” Delpire edition and “Mad in Sète” a magazine made by Tendance Floue. She is the recipient of various awards including the “Grand Prix” at the Festival of Biarritz, Portfolio with honours at the Prix Kodak de la Critique Photographique and Portfolio selected at the HSBC Photography Prize.