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Structured Spaces is a story about hyper urbanism and the anthropogenic ecosystems that we create for modern society, with a focus on housing. According to the United Nations never before in human history lived more people in an urban environment. Most of that urban areas are built under challenging socioeconomic conditions to serve as a home for millions of people in the most efficient ways possible. These structures with their resulting ecosystems, reflect the reality of living for a large amount of people in modern society.

The body of work explores the urban fabric that we created through these places, commenting on the way in which we choose to live together as a community and the profound impact it has on our culture. Given urging challenges like a worldwide pandemic, climate change and finite natural resources, it is a means to raise awareness and open a dialogue about the question on how we will live in such spaces in the future, since they can be considered as one of the essential drivers for forthcoming social-ecological transition.

The series was awarded an IPA in gold in the architecture category in 2020.



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