The suburban landscape, be it outdoors or interior, is the staging ground for Kozka’s reenactments. Through elaborate tableaux photographs, he explores the theme of memory and remembered moments of growing up in suburbia by playing on the ambiguity of fact and fiction, and the ability to recall a scene or happening. These photographs
are part truth and part myth, and they explore how memory can confuse, yet assure one’s construct of
a story. Often there is uncertainty in the images: is
it night or day, dream or reality?
Filmic references are utilised to create a dark and at times depraved construct of the spaces. In some images the characters are imbued with melancholic drama, loss, hopeless- ness, despair and a sense that they are operating on autopilot. In others, there is a sense of joy, fun and revelry. Assembled carefully in studio spaces or lit locations, the photographs are a series of stories acted out by a cast of actors and models. On one level, the photographs are a representation of a one-person-perspective of a remembered moment in time, but they also seek for the viewer to re- connect with their own memories and share in the commonalities, to use the image as a springboard into their own history.

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About the Artist
Bronek Kozka (Australia, b.1970) lives and works
 in Melbourne, Australia. His position as lecturer in photography at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University and his commercial photographic practice form the basis for his art practice. Kozka has exhibited in several group shows and award/prize shows including the national portrait prizes in Australia (2009, 2009, 2010) and UK (2008), Albury Art Prize, SCAP08 (commended) Scap09, Monash Gallery of
Art Award (2008 & 2009) and the Hasseblad Masters Award 2008. Kozka’s solo shows include “Picturing Community: Ugunja, Kenya” (2002), “Auschwitz Revisited” (2005) and “Memory Myth & the 1⁄4 Acre Block” (2011). Kozka was also invited to exhibit a solo show at the Grand Prix International de Photographie de Vevey in September 2010. Kozka’s work was also shown and awarded at the Pingyao International Photo Festival in China. In 2011 Kozka’s work featured at Chobi Mela, the Bangladesh photo festival, Hanmi Museum of Photography (Korea), Vision Quest Gallery (Genoa, Italy) and FotoFreo in Australia (2012). Kozka’s work is held in several collections in Australia and internationally. He is represented by Bett Gallery & MARS Gallery.