In an uncertain era plagued with global crises ranging from the pandemic, heightening geopolitical tensions, to the issue of environmental destruction, on what premises can we build a foundation of shared existence?

 This series hopes to offer a glimpse into ontological possibilities of future spaces by synthesising digital collages from found images. Sources include old books, journals, magazines, and other print and screen media, with original topics varying from tourism to astronomy.

The contextual relevance between image and text is reduced when these images were removed and reconstituted in a digital realm. The resulting work embodies a common, unifying realm where the various components and their different background narratives (past) come together to form new meanings and potentialities (future).

The work embodies a recognition and celebration of our diversity, embracing the synthesis between the scientific and the poetic whilst paying tribute to the age-old anthropological trait of looking upon the skies in search for meaning and knowledge.

Curated by John Tung

About Artist