The photographer explores the contrast between natural environments and those created by human, and discovers that however far removed from the natural environments, people still tend to want to include it in their everyday lives. The pictures visually describe what humans have created or destroyed in order to add utility to their lives, and are meant to be looked at in order of their sequence from the natural to the manmade environments.

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About the Artist
Benya was born in Bangkok, to a German father and Thai mother. He left Thailand at the age of 14 for a boarding school in England, where his housemaster’s splendid collection of photography books and rare prints sparked his passion for the medium. He has been taking pictures ever since. He studied History at university and thereafter, decided to pursue photography as a career, first working as a photographer’s assistant in Paris and later in New York in order to gain technical expertise. While living in New York and during his trips around the world, he focused on shooting portraits and landscapes. He is currently based in Thailand as a freelance photographer doing commissioned work as well personal projects.