In a time when expanding globalisation increasingly exposes the bad parts of the free market, a new breed of entrepreneurs has emerged. Particularly in Africa, these “new capitalists” apply private sector solutions to other sectors, including healthcare, water supply, and public health. They empower the underprivileged with enormous, innovative socio-economic potential. Jonathan Kalan traveled through East Africa to capture this new economic zest. From the slums in Kampala to the busy streets of Nairobi and the rolling, green hills of Rwanda, his photographs tell of the promise of these energetic entrepreneurs at the very base of the economic pyramid, and the opportunities hidden behind the veil of poverty in emerging markets.

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About the Artist
Jonathan Kalan (b. 1987, United States) is a photographer, journalist and author specialising in innovation, technology and social entrepreneurship in rising markets. He has worked in more than 60 countries and the results of his efforts have appeared in publications including The New York Times, The Guardian, The Huffington Post and The Christian Science Monitor.