Tomorrow Never Knows is a photographic
 series representing a journey into the world’s abandonments. While traveling abroad I scout for the unknown and unseen. I know from my exploring escapades which path to take, but sometimes I will choose another. Making big drops into oblivion. Ignorance is bliss, someone once told me. This series is a showcase of past splendour, derelict hospitals, mothballed monasteries, dormant structures and everything in-between. The result of the intangible desire to explore what mankind has left behind.

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About the Artist
Reginald Van de Velde (Belgium, b.1975) scouts the unknown and unseen, capturing the sheer momentum of fragile abandonments. His works have been exhibited internationally in both solo and group exhibitions, including Theater aan Zee 2011 Oostende (August 2011), Tomorrow Never Knows, Godot Ghent (February 2012), Fotofestival Knokke-Heist (March – June 2010), The Somerset House, London (May 2011), Cannes Lions International Festival 2011 (June 2011), and Contrasts, Tour & Taxis Brussels (November 2011). He has won numerous awards including the Triennial Barbaix Award for Photography (2008), was winner at the Cannes Lions International Festival 2011 and was finalist at the World Photography Awards in 2011. His works have been featured in publications including The World Photography Awards Book (2011), Verlaten Plekken, Vergeten Stemmen (August 2011), Esquire Magazine (June 2008), and Beauty in Decay (2010).