The series of images in Vision of Taiwan expresses the artist’s personal observations, experiences and opinions formed or inspired by the environments of Taiwan. Photographed skilfully with long exposure, the images expound the conflicting perception of aesthetics and environmental issues, insinuating at the absurdity and conflicts that exist behind
 the beautiful sceneries. The face of the current environment seems to be lost in the real world, sucked into a vacuum where one can look without seeing. The series offers a perspective on the relationship between human and our surroundings, subtly critiquing the subject through surreal images, expressing a level of disappointment and pessimism towards the current state of Taiwan’s environment yet hopeful and expectant of a reformation.

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About the Artist
Wu Cheng Chang (Taiwan, b.1965) is a former press and commercial photographer who is currently teaching at the Department of Visual Communication Design, Ling- Tung University in Taiwan. His works have been exhibited internationally, at the Hong Kong International Art Fair 2012, Fotoseptiembre USA–SAFOTO International Photography Festival 2011, the 2nd Dali International Photography Exhibition 2012 (China), 2010 3rd Novosibirsk International Festival of Contemporary Photography (Russia) and Open House Gallery (New York). He has won many awards including the Grand Prize of Creative Award of Visual Art 2012 (Taiwan), Grand Award of China Lishui International Photography Cultural Festival 2011, Grand Prize of The Power of SELF an image competition in 2010 (Artists Wanted, New York) and in 2009 the Honorable Mention Award of Taipei Arts Awards. His photographs have been featured in many publications including Punctum magazine (India), ACT magazine (Taiwan) and Taiwan Panorama. His works are in the collections of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum and National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.