White Card in Black Box

The dialogue proposed in this photobook articulates two works impacted by the Brazilian context. White Card is the author’s first experience in capturing images with a cell phone. The series gathers photographs produced during walks in Belo Horizonte between the coup that ousted the presidency of the Republic in 2016 and the election of his successor.

Guilherme collects clues and builds a narrative that anticipates the result of the unrestricted confidence that led to victory at the polls. On the back, the 01/01/2019 series with photographs of interventions carried out on old banknotes. The numismatic passion flowed on the first day of Jair Bolsonaro’s term as President of the Republic to inscribe on the liberal-inspired energy of the bank note of 200 new cruzados – launched in 1989, in celebration of the I Centenary of the Republic – a satire to the players of the democratic game. On the cover and back cover, the deck is stamped with the golden figure of 100 dollars to remember the commitments to international banking.

Guilherme plays dubious and offers an authentic bank note stamped as a fake. It is a casino where dollars, new cruzados, cruzeiros and reais are mixed. The White Card is only possible if the Black Box remains sealed.

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