Yoichi Nagata

Fraction Magazine Japan


About the Reviewer

Yoichi Nagata (born in Tokyo), is the co-founder and Editor in Chief of Fraction Magazine Japan.

He studied photography at Eikoh Hosoe’s workshop/photography school, and worked as photographer and photo editor for the magazine “Yu” at the publisher Kosakusha. As an experimental film artist, his work “Still Movie” was featured in local and international film festivals.
He has also worked as a freelance photographer for many Japanese advertising photography and magazine photography.

Fraction Magazine Japan Annual is an online magazine dedicated to bringing together diverse bodies of work by established and emerging photographers from East Asia. It was launched in cooperation with the American Fraction Magazine, which was founded in 2008 by David Bram.

Language Proficiency

Japanese. His wife Celine Wu, who speaks English and Cantonese will be present with him during the reviews. She is also an art consultant and photographer.

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