Composition:the act or process of composing, the manner in which something is composed, an intellectual creation.

This is history, but it can also be about the future. This is earth, but it can also be about the other planet. What would humans do upon arriving on an undiscovered continent? Probably gaze at the vast land in front of him, and firmly step on the land beneath him. He will probably start walking, speculating, trying to understand the place.

Then to leave his footprints as the proof of his existence, he might create, carry and build something; be excited by the new phenomena, or the new discovery, experimenting from adventurous spirit. Then he may fail, and pray to something greater than his existence.

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About the Artist
Group Exhibitions
2007 Fuji Photo salon Photo Award Winner Exhibition (Tokyo, Japan)
2014 UNSEEN Photo Fair Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Holland)
2015 fotofever Photo Festival(Paris, France)
2016 EMON PHOTO AWARD Finalist Exhibition(Tokyo, Japan)
2016 WONDER FOTO DAY Festival(Taipei, Taiwan)
2016 NEW JAPAN PHOTO ISSUE.1 Special Exhibition Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
2016 Young Art Taipei 2016(Taipei, Taiwan)

Solo Exhibitions
2005 HOUSING WORKS Organization Used Book Store SOHO (New York, USA)
2006 Gallery Soumou (Yamaguchi, Japan)
2006 International House (Tokyo, Japan)
2007 DEGREE (Yamaguchi, Japan)
2008 HIBIYA PATIO (Tokyo, Japan)
2009 Marunouchi SEEK (Tokyo, Japan)
2009 Gallery Yamaki Fine Art (Kobe, Japan)
2010 PLSMIS Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
2012 Cuisine Michel TROISGROS (Tokyo, Japan)
2012 「Incomplete」HYATT REGENCY TOKYO (Tokyo, Japan)
2014 「181°」PROJECT Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
2015 Aesop (Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan)

2003 International Photography Award Honorable Mention「Rain Date」
2007 Fuji Photo salon Award Honorable Mention 「The Happiness Within」
2013 Visual Arts Photo Award Finalist 「ENA」
2015 EMON PHOTO Award Finalist 「181°」
2016 JP_EN Heidi Romano Award 「ENA」
2016 TAIPEI Wonder Foto Day Award


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