Jury Panel

Portfolio Jury

Anna Dannemann (United Kingdom)
Senior Curator at The Photographers’ Gallery in London

Shen Chao-Liang (Taiwan)
Former Deputy Chief photographer for the Liberty Times

Gwen Lee (Singapore)
Director and co-founder of the Singapore International Photography Festival

Monica Allende (United Kingdom)
Director of FORMAT17 International Photography Festival

Steven Evans (United States)
Curator and Executive director of the FotoFest International

He Yining (China/United Kingdom)
Independent Curator and Photography Writer

Yasufumi Nakamori (United Kingdom)
Senior Curator, International Art (Photography) at Tate Modern, London

Photobook Jury

Ang Song Nian (Singapore)

Daniel Boetker-Smith (Australia)
Director of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive
& Dean of Photography Studies at Photography Studies College, Melbourne

Dieter Neubert (Germany)
Founder and Director of the Kassel Fotobookfestival

Gwen Lee (Singapore)
Director and Co-Founder of Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF)

Liang-Pin Tsao 曹良賓 (Taiwan)
Director of Lightbox Photo Library

Yah-Leng Yu (Singapore)
Founding Creative Director/Principal of Foreign Policy Design Group

Yumi Goto (Japan)
Co-founder and curator for the Reminders Photography Stronghold Tokyo