The catalyst for this project was the increase in new construction works taking place in London. Artists’ impressions of modern utopias promise of an elevated social existence, but the radical distinction between the utopian vision and the social reality remains out of public view. The photographer attempts to deconstruct the projections of pristine living and points the viewer towards the unseen social consequences that urban gentrification entails.

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About the Artist
Mike Whelan was born in Edinburgh and moved to London at the age of 16. He was influenced at a young age by technical drawings and started a career in cartography where he developed his passion for visual communication. He eventually discovered his love of photography through taking his dad’s old camera to gigs. Since graduating with a First class BA photography degree, he has been the recipient of several awards including winning the Fine Art Single category at the 2009 NYPH awards, highly recommended at the 2009 IPA’s and recently voted AOP’s 2009 Assistant Photographer of the year. He has exhibited regularly and most recently at the Photographers Gallery as part of a group show and has been giving guest lectures and talks at University of East London.