School is a place where students obtain knowledge, learn about ethics, values and a tacit knowing in daily life. For this series, I used a representation of a student as my response to the rapid changes in various spaces in a city. How much difference is there between the things we learn from teachers and books and the actual situations we face in our daily lives? Students seem to be more curious of their surroundings and grown-ups tend to be uncertain most of the time. Is the city we live in more absurd, or does the pedagogy of our time never actually catch up with the world of constant changes?

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About the Artist
Lau Chi-Chung is a freelance photographer who has years of experience as a director in multimedia productions and as an art director in TV commercial productions.
He graduated in the United Kingdom with a B.A. degree in Interior Design. His training in interior design has honed his sensitivity and logic towards time, space as well as sensibilities.
Lau enjoys cinema, photography and travelling, and is obsessed with time and space, history and images. His work includes independent short films and photography, mainly focusing on the stories of different places in Hong Kong, ruins photography, and art installations with abandoned objects. Since 2000, he has been doing his ruins photography and art installations projects by commuting around Hong Kong on foot to know the city more intimately.