Frank Pinckers revels in film photography because it is unplanned, uncontrolled and an excellent testimony of virtuosity. He relishes the unexpected moments, the ‘unseen’ and unintended elements captured on film.
He likens his chase for film photography to a game hunt where he only has one chance to ace it. His thrill of the chase cannot be evoked from digital photography where each shot is fired with precision, control and intention. He feels the lack of challenge to pursue his subjects. Pinckers also feels that digital photography takes away his field of concentration and undermines his skill as a photographer.
In this series, his audience will witness childlike and unpretentious crystallized magical moments of movement on film.

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About the Artist
Frank Pinckers studied Film and Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts Ghent, Belgium. He was an assistant to Nadir, a Fashion Photographer in Milano, Italy. Following that, he became a Fashion and Advertising Photographer in Brussels, Belgium. From 1994 onwards, Pinckers became a freelance photographer in Singapore.