This highly personal project was a form of psychological therapy for the photographer, who was triggered by the guilt of neglecting his parents. The photographer observes and captures the biological dilapidation of his parent’s bodies just as the house they have been living in. But while the house can be refurbished, there are no such options for the houses of the human souls. Through this project, the photographer, once in search of his own soul, had found it right at home, before his camera.

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About the Artist
Lek was born in 1977 and, after completing a BA in fine arts at Bangkok’s Silpakron University he studied professional photography at The Arts Institute at Bournemouth in the UK. Soon after he finished the course, he won a photography prize organised by ArtReview magazine (UK), and also had his photo displayed in the National Portrait Gallery in a portrait photography exhibition organised by Schweppes. Lek currently lives and works in Bangkok.