By accident, or perhaps a twist of fate, I found myself at my late father’s house as the world went into lock-down. Thousands of miles from a life I had put on hold, I found myself confined to the borders of his remote property that had been empty since his unexpected passing in late 2019.

I had never planned to be here this long, but as the borders around me closed, I found myself calling my childhood home, home. During this time I photographed, filmed and recorded memories and moments of grief, loss, love and joy. I think everyone experienced a level of grief during the time of Covid-19. It was (is) a time that some of us struggled through, often apart from those we needed most. Others found peace and happiness in the slowing down of life.

For the first time in years I’ve had time to take note of the details back home; at all hours of the day, in the light and the dark. All the while processing the absence and presence of my father in this space. Sometimes I think he orchestrated the whole thing, my being here.

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