Following the journeys in a metropolis, this route focuses on the ambitions of a city juxtaposed with the present, and also drawing parallels suggesting the contrast with the new and booming India. With a wider sense of language, the images seek to reflect the change and the existing, the human desire of expansion amidst the overlooked everyday life, arising largely with an assortment of meanings. Through this perspective it relates to and pursues the city dreams.

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About the Artist
Sameer has been born and brought up in Mumbai. After completing graduation studies in architecture, his interests took him to earn a postgraduate study in visual arts at the National Institute of Design. (NID) Since then, he has been working as a freelance photographer and he firmly believes in creating images that convey a meaning. His work carries a photojournalistic approach and attempts to induce images in a fine art way. Currently, he lives and works in Mumbai city.