“The fold” is also one of the key concepts in the philosophy of Deleuze, which inspires Boske; “The fold lives in both sides, it is different from a dot or line. Folding is layering, it is part of a structure, differences and repetition, movement”. Boske uses the flower triptych as a subject in her series. She finds the forcing rhythm of a triptych intriguing. The three panels of a triptych distribute three different rhythms, which mirrors the life stages of a flower bouquet; of steadiness, of simplification and of elimination. The rhythms also automatically transfers to the undefined spaces around and between it, producing an ongoing process of separation and unity.

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About the Artist
Born in 1978, Kim Boske’s works are a complementary representation of time and space. Since her graduation from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts at The Hague in 2005, she has been working with this conceptual research basis where disharmony can be derived from a harmonious image without damaging the unity of the image.