While many believed the Arab Spring revolution would hold the key to a brighter future, this hope did not materialise for many. What promised to be the beginning of a new life slowly erodes into a bleak and uncertain road as the aftermath continues to disrupt the tranquillity and delicate balance of life.
I fell in love with these images that I saw floating between layers of reality. I saw the daily battles of ordinary people trying to maintain a normalcy of life and to also fight for a better future.
A world of colours that to me was as intoxicating and captivating as it was woeful and tragic. The revolution brought on new roles and new identities to people and landscapes in the eyes of the world. Each image, no matter how innocent, carried with it the scars of revolution and war. I sought out these places to colour the inner soul of a changing world.

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About the Artist
Alexandros Demetriades [Cyprus, b. 1967] studied cinematography at New York University in 2009. Upon graduation, he returned to Cyprus to work as a photographer and is currently represented by Unframe photo agency.
In 2012, Demetriades was nominated for the Terry O’Neil Award. In 2013 he was a finalist at the ONWARD Compé awards, and won a Gold and Bronze at the Prix de la Photographie Paris (Px3) for his works “Intemporality” and “Colour of Scars”. He also received the Gold and Silver awards at the San Francisco International Awards, the Fotovisura Grant awards and the City Streets Country Roads awards. He was also a recipient of seven Honourable Mentions at the 2013 International Photography Awards and a finalist at the New York Photo Awards.
His published works have been carried in the International Herald Tribune, The New York Times, The New York Times Lens Blog, Leica Fotografie International, and B&W magazine, amongst others.