The book speaks to the turning point in the history of Ukraine, that touched the whole world, the Ukrainian revolution of 2013-14. Started as a completely peaceful demonstration in Kyiv against the decision of the former President of Ukraine to suspend an integration deal with the European Union, it turned into three months of bloody clashes, tears, Molotov cocktails and deaths.

Being an active participant in theses events, the author moved away from classical documentary and rather plunged into emotions and surrealism of what was happening.
The book features an extensive archive of photographs shot in the middle of street clashes, artifacts and texts sharing the problematic discussions. An interview and the photographer’s diary are divided into 3 phases of the Revolution. It is also supplemented with a map and an events timeline to which are linked all the toponyms in the book.

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Maxim Dondyuk


Yevgeny Anfavov

292 pages
24cm x 18cm x 5cm

Edition of 500