Origami sculptures made by the artist are arranged in selected natural environments, implying the return of elements to their place of origin, re-equipped with their natural values. Although the artist investigates the creative qualities of white paper in the same procedure throughout the series, the change of scenery brings about a change of theme, posing a number of substantive issues that appeals to contemporary society and frantic pace of modern life. The origami figures are set in the wild, seeking to break the mechanisation of industrial processes. The natural backdrop is carefully presented resulting in a series of unreal visions in a clear statement of the volatility and the ephemeral nature of everything around us. The small origami sculptures created expressly for their setting in nature, are left in order to perish in a poetic form in the same environment from which they were once uprooted.

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About the Artist
Lola Guerrera (Spain, b.1982) graduated in Communication from the University of Malaga and obtained an MA in Photography from the International School EFTI. She has participated in numerous solo
and group exhibitions in Europe and Mexico, and has received many awards including Finalist at the “Year in Review” Art Competition 2011, New York, Discoveries PHE10, Biodiversity Foundation and “Caminos de Hierro”. Lola is currently represented by Gallery Astarte in Madrid and Voz Galerie in Paris. Her photographs have been acquired by private institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Malaga, and have been published by prestigious magazines such as
“Blink”, the online edition of Wallpaper*and Reponses PHOTO. Her works blend sculpture and installation, highlighting the artisan use of different materials like paper and thread. Her recent works “Cotidianidades” and “Delights in My Garden” experiments with the creative uses of white paper.