This series looks into urban fringes at night, and reveals the accidental beauty of dwellings that seem to have grown organically out of a need for shelter and the limits of material and space. The images evoke feelings of desolation, separation, sadness and an overarching sense of transcendent beauty. While the photographer had not set out to communicate any particular emotions, his sub-conscience has crept into the images, manifesting an unintentional expression to the images.

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About the Artist
Born in England, Frankie Callaghan’s love for photography began while he was just a boy growing up in Baguio. It wasn’t until after studying finance and management at the Wharton School of Business that he gave into his calling to work as a full-time photographer. He first exhibited his work at the age of 21 in Philadelphia. He now resides in Manila where he concentrates on his personal work as well as commissions from commercial and corporate clients.