SIPF Portfolio Showcase

16 Sep 2022 — 30 Oct 2022

In a famous metaphor Henry James explains experience: experience is never limited, and it is never complete; it is an…


16 Sep 2022 — 30 Oct 2022

Meet the Korean equivalent of the Japanese salaryman — the ‘Ajeossi’. The term refers to middle-aged men from their 40s…

Mars on Earth

16 Sep 2022 — 30 Oct 2022

It is humanity’s penchant to always seek out new, undiscovered frontiers. In the realm of space travel and exploration, the…

Where Does the Sun Rise; Where Will the Moon Shine

16 Sep 2022 — 30 Oct 2022

In an uncertain era plagued with global crises ranging from the pandemic, heightening geopolitical tensions, to the issue of environmental…

Under the Night of the Unseen Stars

16 Sep 2022 — 30 Oct 2022

Artificial lights have always taken center stage as subjects in Toni Cuhardi’s photographs. He prefers thinking of photography as not…


16 Sep 2022 — 30 Oct 2022

Through montage and multiple exposures, Matthew Cronin re-imagines home furnishing catalogue photographs by J.C. Penney, an American department store chain…