This set of 17 images of the pictures found on tombstones in graveyards delves into the perishable nature of the human body. The fading images suggest the mortality and insignificance of human life. As the faces in the pictures fade further, anonymity returns to the individuals and once again, they become a part of nature.

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About the Artist
Kris Vervaeke was born and raised in the heart of Belgium, and has travelled around most of the world. After a short stint in Belgium he is happily back in Asia, in Singapore where he spans his activities across all Asia. Kris has been a photographer for more then 10 years. Initially combining his photography with an international commercial function, he chose to change careers drastically and follow his passion after 15 years in the corporate environment. Kris has been a full-time freelance photographer since 2002, specialising in documentary work and in original art photography concepts for decorating office, hospitality and residential buildings. He has also participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions all over the world including China in Antwerp, Europalia Festival, Belgium and Lost in Transition, Economist Gallery at the Fringe, Hong Kong.