Flesh and Bloody Weaknesses is the acquirement of infinitesimal seconds and fleeting moments and the containment of time perpetually in flight. Time that was, time that is and time yet to be. This is a journey which begins with the arrival of new lives and the eventual departure of all. Possibly a foolhardy but determined attempt to seize and preserve all that we know and hold dear.

About Artist

Holycrap is a family art collective started in 2011 by Claire, the 46 year old mom, Renn, the 17 year old son, Aira, the 14 year old daughter and Pann, their 47 year old dad. They believe that expression is an art form and it can manifest in many ways. They launched Rubbish Famzine in 2013 and are currently working on their 10th issue.

Their Famzines have won numerous international accolades from Cannes Design Lions, British D&AD, New York One Show to our local creative circle awards. In 2015, Holycrap also received Design of the Year at the President’s Design Award, Singapore’s most prestigious design accolade.

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