Shi Zhen

Shi Zhen employs various mediums and a process that combined photography, book object and fiction-documentary story to construct a maze of narratology. Through her artificial manipulation on individuals’ lived experiences and intervention in intellectual legacies such as literature, archival material, theatre, and film, Shi’s practice attempts to explore the complex relationship between reality and memory under the general proposition “Archive and Fiction” / “Private and Public”.

About La Maison de Z
La Maison de Z is an on-going project focusing on Chinese contemporary photography and independent publications. Using publishing as a way of research which explore the intricate relationship between realities and memories, La Maison de Z was founded by French-Chinese artist Zhen Shi in 2015 and start to publish their own editions in 2018, the project allows a growing audience the discovery of the most recent works of emerging Chinese artists.

Lukas Birk

Lukas Birk is an Austrian photographer, storyteller, and publisher.

His multi-disciplinary projects have been turned into films, chronicles, books, and exhibitions. A large part of Lukas’ work deals with archival material. His narratives tackle recorded history by creating alternate storylines and fictional elements, alongside commonly accepted facts. Lukas often researches his imagery through explorations into cultures that have been affected by conflict. His created ‘archival artworks’ have little to do with institutional processes but rather center around personal stories, the desire to preserve their place in history, and Lukas’ own emotional attachment to them. He founded the Austro Sino Arts Program (Beijing) and SewonArtSpace (Yogyakarta) as well as the Afghan Box Camera Project (Kabul). Currently, he is working on the Myanmar Photo Archive – his endeavor to re-interpret and tell the story of Myanmar through collected photographs taken over the last century. His imprint Fraglich Publishing has expended since 2018 with books on photographic history and stories from East Asia. / / / /

Tommaso Parrillo

Tommaso Parrillo is an Italian publisher and educator, founder of Witty Books, a publishing house founded with the name of Witty Kiwi in 2012, that aims to promote photography and visual arts, through the medium of the book.

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