The Pacific Tourist is a series of landscape unexpected for Japan, although all photography has been taken in Japanese two small islands, Nozaki Island and Ojika Island. Belonging to Goto Archipelago, the islands are located next to each other on the western sea. From the rise of capitalism, the villages have disappeared and Nozaki is almost untouched till now. Unaffected by the flow of the world, Ojika, with the population of 2,800, co-exists with nature and maintains self-sufficiency and barter. When I visited these two islands for the first time in the summer of 2013, I felt as if I were in a foreign country. Never-before-seen landscape, words never heard. Above all, the rich lives of Ojika were totally different from those she unconsciously defined as the lives in Japan. There, I learned the richness not regarding money or convenience. No matter how society is growing, we should not forget this richness. The landscape of Nozaki and Ojika reminds me of it. I revisited the islands to photograph them in September 2015. In the near future, when the churches of Goto Archipelago are registered in the World Heritage Site, these two islands will receive an increase of tourist visitations. This might change the current landscape greatly. I have hopes for people to visit this small “foreign country” to learn the richness invisible in the modern society, rather than for the tourist attraction.

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About The Artist
Maki Hayashida (b. 1984, Japan) is a Tokyo-based photographer who travels around rural areas in Japan, finding the extraordinary in ordinary rural landscapes. She specialises in self-publishing photobooks, from editing, printing to binding. Her handmade photobooks have been exhibited worldwide. She learned the fundamentals of photography when she was a high school exchange student in Minnesota. As one of the managing members of TAP gallery, an independent photo gallery in Tokyo, she has held regular solo exhibitions since 2015. At Mt.Rokko International Photo Festival 2015, she was selected as an emerging photographer. She currently works as an account executive at an advertising agency.