Go on a kaleidoscopic adventure with SIPF! Schools can choose between two exploration routes to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of photography artworks.

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Route one

Sightlines across the world

DECK → Bencoolen →  Rochor → Little India → LTA’s SG Mobility Gallery

From our flora and fauna to the stars in the skies, explore and expand how you see the world through the eyes of photographers. In this walking tour, students will hop onto the Downtown Line and encounter visual stories about man and nature, space exploration and technology advancements. The tour will end at LTA’s SG Mobility Gallery, an immersive gallery of the behind-the-scenes workings of Singapore as a liveable city for all.


Route two

Into the Hills

Exhibitions in 37 Emerald Hill

Get out of the classroom and step into imaginative worlds at 37 Emerald Hill. Photography comes alive in this hill: explore The Red Forest with Elise Morin’s VR installation of Spring Odyssey; leap into the future with DISCIPULA in a speculative world where technology shapes the way we live; meander the grounds with Masato Seto’s life-sized portraits of picnickers – and more!


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