I have always felt that the only kinds of work worth doing are the ones that we are utterly concerned with; this is perhaps why I turned to making images at home. There is a quiet delight in photographing my family. It has also made life at home a little less mundane and uneventful. Sometimes, it’s magical. Like when I made my parents hug. That was the first time I had ever seen them so physically intimate. It was pure joy. I do different things with my family, sometimes to say something about my thoughts on faith, desires and fears, other times I just want to make them touch each other, which is something new to us. We never touch. The best thing that happened is that the work affected the way we interact. This is my ultimate aim: to be changed by what I do. It
is not enough for me to just make images. I want my images to also make me. This work started off as a way for me to make sense of how I feel towards my family. I’m glad that it has turned into something more. I hope that you, too, will get something out of them.

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About the Artist
Lee Puay Yang Sean (Singapore, b.1985) is a photographer born and based in Singapore. He first picked up a camera at 18 and began to discover his affection for the medium. He uses photography to confront his reality in a manner that, hopefully, allows him to return to life with a little more tenderness and passion. He has held solo exhibitions internationally, including Cambodia, Spain and France, and has participated in group exhibitions in countries including Turkey, USA, and India. His work has been seen in publications internationally including Phnom Penh Post (Cambodia), London Sunday Times (UK), Internazionale 78th (Italy) and De l’Air (France). He has won numerous awards for his photography including the Special Jury prize at Angkor photo festival (2007) and the ICON de Martell Prize (2011).