For their twenty-minute-long film In the Red, Oliver Ressler and Ana Pecar spent several weeks following the protest group, Strike Debt – an offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street movement. This group fights to resist capitalistic mechanisms and the cheap resale of debts to companies that make their money through collecting debts. The group undermines that system by purchasing these debts themselves at a fraction of the value and cancelling them afterwards. With their film, Ressler and Pecar explore the notion of horizontalism. This social organisational form aims to allow prosperity and participation in the democratic process to flourish – matters that are unavailable in predominantly hierarchical structures.

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About the Artist
Oliver Ressler (b. 1970, Austria) studied at the art academy in Vienna and is an artist and filmmaker. His work focuses on subjects such as economy, democracy, climate change, and social alternatives. Ana Pecar (Slovenia, 1977), who studied at the art academy in Maribor, is a socio-critical multimedia artist. In her videos, she combines social criticism with mythology and art.