Infrastructures is a research-based photo project about the Russian and post-Soviet political economy, created in 2016-2019 by Sergey Novikov and Max Sher. Using documentary and staged photography, as well as writing, they look at and reflect on the political and cultural significance of both the physical infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, pipelines, etc., and ‘infrastructure’ of thinking and discourse that historically underpin the functioning of the State and power. The artists thus take on the role of culture critics to call into question the oft-simplistic but still dominating visual and conceptual tropes about the post-Soviet area. The 360-page book consists of 50 chapters, each with photographs and an essay in English and Russian. By combining photographs and writing, Novikov and Sher also explore complex relationships and roles of photography and text within one body of work

About Artist

Working with documentary and staged photography as well as with reenactments and documenting perfomances I would like to create multiply imagery on this housing topic. Finding roots in the community living in Leipziger Strasse Komplex, bringing into discussion yet another time current conditions of Berlin’s communities existing under the pressure of forced gentrification and private companies ownership of the housing units.

Got education in photo and video editing. Work over photographic projects since 2008. My work centers on the economy and culture of territories and societies and the mechanisms by which they function. Photographic practice includes interventions in urban landscape and staging as well as reenactments of the visual marks of modernity. My recent projects, ZATO (2014-2016) and Grassroots (2012-2018), were exhibited in Russia and abroad, as well as shortlisted for the Luma Rencontres Dummy Book Award Arles in 2016 and 2017, the Photobookfest Moscow Dummy Award 2017, the 2016 Anamorphosis Prize, and the 2015 Lucie Scholarship. My joint work with Yann Gross “Khmar’” was published in 10 copies of newspaper and shortlisted for Photobookfest Moscow Dummy Award 2018. In 2019 my dummy book “Doers and doings” was shortlisted for Images Vevey Dummy Award. I have just published another joint research-based photo book named “Infrastructures” about the Russian and post-Soviet political economy with Russian photographer Max Sher ( Worked at artists residences in Vladivostok, Russia (Zarya, 2016) and Riga, Latvia (ISSP, 2019). My photographs also have appeared in Esquire Russia, Russian Reporter, The Moscow Times, The Guardian, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Der Spiegel, Wired, The Atlantic Cities, BuzzFeed, Dazed and Confused, and other publications. Based in Moscow.

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Sergey Novikov & Max Sher


Dmitry Devishvili

360 pages
25.7cm x 16.2cm x 2.5cm

Edition of 300