Stark, sharp, realistic yet artificial like a still-life painting, these images are pieces of plastic art, with the frames defining a selective reality, constructed by the artist for the viewer. Inspired by memories of his childhood years in a middle class family, the photographer experimented with cooking ingredients and kitchenware, and precision was taken in the placement of each object within the chosen setting.

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About the Artist
Abednego Trianto Kurniawan is an Indonesian born photographer. He obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts (Photography and Digital Imaging) at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His research interests are still life photography and digital printmaking, and he has been working on the series entitled, Is Never What I Wish to See, since 2009. The series of kitchenware still life is a visual experimentation of contemporary digital photography, and a study of 17th century Dutch still life and post-impressionist paintings.