It Can Be Better is a meditation centred around the impact of perfectionistic living habits. It seeks to illustrate how such living habits which are intended to bring about an ultimate degree of cleanliness and order, can be counterproductive. The photographs in the series depict intentions to exert rigid control over the order of items in one’s living space. Certain actions and behaviours seek to achieve an ideal level of immaculate order, cleanliness and hygiene. However, in the pursuit of an extreme ideal, these behaviours often rob the items of their original functionality. Through the staged scenarios, the photographs hope to spark viewers’ introspection on how such obsessiveness can be self-defeating and lead to unexpected outcomes.

About Artist

Liu Ying (b.1990) is a photographer based in Singapore.

She graduated from the School of Art, Design and Media in Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in Photography and Digital Imaging. Her works have been exhibited at First Draft (2017), Women in Film & Photography (2015), Pingyao International Photography Festival (2014) and Noise Singapore The Apprenticeship Programme (2013).

She believes that a photograph can and should invoke introspection in both the photographer and viewer. Fuelled by her keen study of the human condition, she uses photography to contemplate the sights and stories around her.

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