This series records a decade of spiritual journeys taken by the photographer to a pre-historic lakebed located in the Black Rock Desert. He has gathered with a self-expressive community to imagine, build, and share a waking dream – ultimately reconnecting with his self and rediscovering life and its infinite possibilities. The photographer has captured this place in straight black and white images, using no digital manipulation.

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About the Artist
Peikwen Cheng is a Chinese-American photographer, living and working in Beijing. His work explores dreams, nature and their relationship to man-made reality. His photographs capture the real-world and are not digitally manipulated. Peikwen Cheng’s images have been exhibited in China, Canada, Cambodia, Greece, Poland, Sweden, Syrian, United Kingdom and the United States. Select awards and honors include 2009 Selected Winner, Flash Forward – Emerging Photographers from Canada, US and UK, Magenta Foundation 2008 International Photography Awards, Honorable Mentions (14) 2007 PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris, 3rd Prize, Fine Art, Landscape, 2003 Cultural Equity Grant in Visual Arts, San Francisco Arts Commission, 2002 Industrial Design Excellence Award, Industrial Designers Society of America and BusinessWeek, and 2002 United States Design Patent, N. D466, 896.